#Disunomics Live


Disunomics presents #Disunomics Live w/Donut Bae!


Head on down to The Soul Box in London on Sunday the 12th of December from 7PM-11PM. This is a night of straight facts delivered by a charismatic and relatable host.


This elite live podcast event is here to bring you the best of political, economic, and celebrity discussion all wrapped up in one entertaining package! With the straight-forward goal of making economics relevant again, get educated at #Disunomics Live and keep your finger on the pulse!


Tickets are extremely limited – grab them here!



Mingle with guests and chow down on stacked burgers oozing fillings, sweet chilli fries topped with crispy Thai chicken, and a whole host of donut selections – we have an eye on Velvet Dreams, filled with salted caramel cream. You’ll want the energy for the entertainment to come!


From chats about the current political landscape, to pandemic discussions, to whether ethnic minorities can be conservative in nature – they’ve got the full scope of important topics covered. Watch a debate on why Kim Kardashian rightfully out-earns soldiers and nurses, and thank Disunomics that you didn’t spend another night bored at home.


Having spent years feeding an online audience curated content and hot takes, Disunomics has podcast creation down to an art form! With witty delivery, plentiful topics, and nuanced takes, you can get educated and enjoy every second of it.


You won’t want to miss this live show – book now!



By Isabella Hassan