StreetHunt Singles


Are you single & ready to mingle (but in a fun and unique way?) Well, if you’re aged between 24-38 years old and fancy meeting new people this Valentine’s Day, then make your way over to Shoe Lane Library in central London and leave with a day you’ll be sure to remember!


Before you make your way to this lovey dovey scavenger hunt, you'll be asked to carry out a 2-minute confidential survey, to give the team everything they need to match you with the most like-minded individuals! When all of this is done, you'll get to finally meet your team & begin on your romantic escapade!


Taking place on the 19th of February 2022, from 2:00pm to 6:00pm, book here to secure your ticket - who knows, you might find yourself meeting your soul mate! 


StreetHunt Games brings you all the best, lively adult games to do across London!


They provide awesome outdoor activities, and at this particular Singles event, it will be handing you the opportunity to channel all your playful energy, as you galivant across the capital with brand new people (and potentially your next love interest!)




Once you arrive at Shoe Lane Library, and meet your fabulous team (BTW, you’re free to attend the event alone or with a pal,) you’ll be met with your host, who’ll advise you on everything you’ll need to know and will get you started on the game.


Your host will make sure there are no tense introductions and will be making sure that you’re breaking the ice nicely with your new companions! If you fancy it, you'll also have the option to meet the rest of the players at a pub! You’ll again be meeting up with everyone at a local spot, so you’ll have plenty time to get to know everyone.


Click here to watch a clip of what you can expect at this event!


No matter who you are or where you are from – you’re likely to meet someone you click with!


So go on, all singles out there! Book those tickets now, as they’re limited!


You don’t want to miss out…grab something sweet for your match & make your way to StreetHunt Singles for a wholesome day, that you’ll be bound to remember.


Written by Tia Hoggar