It is so easy to get trapped in the boredom of having the same old brunch picked from a menu of very slim options. However there are great a number of spots where you can whet your appetite with various cuisines from all over the world.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of these. We bet your taste buds aren’t will be pleasantly amazed at the kind of adventure they are about to embark on. Here are some of our top brunch spots in New York for you


Bryant Park Grill

Bryan Park Grill


Are planning on a beautiful romantic weekend brunch date? Let Bryant Park Grill bring Paris to you. This restaurant is appropriately known as ‘the jewel’ of Bryant Park for a reason. The menu here is so deliciously diverse, and you always have cuisines to play around with. Fill your stomach with the French toast and tantalize your date with the sweet pancakes. When you want to satisfy your heart, this is where to have your brunch.





Oxomoco will surely warm your heart if you love you some nice Mexican foods. If you have already been to Oxomoco in the past and are already used to their signature colorful tacos, you haven’t been warned. The brunch spot brings a wide range of other foods to train your tongue. This hot wood-fired taqueria brings burritos, chilaquiles verde, huevos rancheros and other Mexican foods for your brunch. It doesn’t get more Mexican than this.


Blue Fin

Blue Fin

Let us visit Japan for brunch. Not in a plane, though. Blue Fin has brought the most sumptuous Japanese meals right within your reach in New York. If you love seafood like sushi, dressed sushi and many others, Blue Fin is where to be.

But this is not all about seafood. You can still enjoy your classic brunch with their pancakes, waffles, sandwich, eggs, and salad. While this might be a bit pricy, you can’t beat the fusion of quality and quantity.


Tonic Times Square



How lively are you? If you love loud banters drowned by even livelier entertainment, Tonic Times Square is exactly designed for you. This is the kind of restaurant you bring your friends to for a few beers and loud sports jokes.

The menu is filled with items that are available at affordable prices. If you want to have some fun without breaking the bank, head straight to Tonic Times Square.



So, what kind of brunch do you want? Or, is the proper question, what kind of person are you? Find the perfect brunch spot for your personality. There is a lot to pick from. But you can never know until you open that door. Bon Appétit!