Sauti Sol Midnight Train Virtual Experience



Kenyan superstar group, Sauti Sol, released its fifth album, Midnight Train in June 2020. The BET Award-nominated musicians were gearing up to celebrate through an African YouTube extravaganza at the beginning of August.


But following overwhelming interest from all corners of the world, the group has pushed back the global experience to 22 August 2020 at 19:00 BST.



From Nairobi to New York, London to Lagos, Melbourne to Mumbai and Jakarta to Johannesburg, now everyone can take a trip through Sauti Sol’s latest musical offering.


At the Midnight Train experience, fans will journey through songs like My Everything, Feel My Love and Disco Matanga (Yambakhana).


While cognisant that the world is facing a pandemic, Sauti Sol hopes to remind everyone that we are in this together and there will be Brighter Days.



All aboard Sauti Sol’s Midnight Train on 22 August 2020 19:00 BST! You can secure event access here.