Fatherhood, based on a true story, follows Matt Logelin (Kevin Hart) through all of his ups and downs as a single father subsequent to his wife’s death, just a day after his Daughter’s birth.


Kevin Hart shows us that he can carry an audience’s emotion, not only through laughter but can also make a grown man cry… allegedly.


Kevin Hart has transformed his career from a stand-up comic to comedic actor and now, with his latest Netflix original ‘Fatherhood’, he shows us just how far he has come in his ability to draw in an audience and make them feel.


This to me seems like Kevin Hart’s ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ moment, which helped us to see Will Smith as more than just the Fresh Prince.



Millions of us have followed Kevin’s career through the years, we have seen him become a father in real life and so much more than the slap-stick comic that many of us were introduced to in the Scary Movie franchise.


In this latest installment, he brings the humour that we are used to (even making references to his previous films!) but we also see his signature smile fade as he struggles to juggle work, relationships, and raising his daughter.


Through the doubts of family, friends, and himself, we see Matt (Kevin Hart) try to put his daughter’s happiness first throughout.


While he doesn’t always get it right, this creates both great opportunities for comedy and a vulnerable, human side to his character that draws the viewer in.



In my opinion, the film is also an important milestone for Netflix, as we follow the struggles of a single father, who also happens to be black.


It didn’t feel as though they leaned too far into Hollywood black stereotypes and in most parts told a true story in a way that felt authentic.


Overall, this film is great for anyone that loves Kevin Hart, anyone that loves authentic storytelling, and for anyone who is interested in seeing the culture develop beyond gimmicky writing for black characters.