Blood & Water



Back in May 2020, 6-episode series Blood & Water aired on Netflix and was enjoyed by many!


Now, this September 24th, Netflix will be bringing you a whole new and renewed version, with season 2!


Set in Cape Town, South Africa, this teen crime drama tells a story of a girl, named Puleng Khumalo, who joins an elite school and is met by Fikile Bhele, who strangely resembles her a lot.



Puleng begins to question if she could be her sister, as she has always known that her sister was kidnapped as a baby, during a human trafficking ordeal.


Her suspicions become more profound, and so she decides to investigate, to find out if Fikile could actually be her blood sister.


However, soon it becomes clear to Puleng that her sister’s mysterious whereabouts isn’t the only secret that her family holds…



This show won Best TV Drama at the South African Film & Television Awards 2021. It also won awards relating to cinematography and sound design. 


So, if you’re stuck deciding what to watch whilst browsing through Netflix, then why not give this series a try? 


Click here, to watch the trailer!