Travis Jay Live



Get ready for a night of laughs at Travis Jay Live, real and in the flesh at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London!


Following his side-splitting 2019 Edinburgh debut Funny, Petty, Cool, this critically-acclaimed entertainer is back for a brand new comedy performance on Friday 12th of November from 7PM-11PM.


With seamless delivery and irresistible charisma, Travis Jay will bring you along for the ride as he owns it from start to finish. Book your tickets here!



This rising star has gone from strength to strength in his career as an actor, radio presenter, and stand-up comedian, and it shows through his wide-ranging and unique anecdotes!


A raw, honest, and hilarious performer, Travis Jay still finds time to add a surreal yet down to earth element to his delivery.


Always a hit with audiences, his snarky charm and proficient delivery will ensure you’re perched on the edge of your seat, never bored.



Find out yourself how this hit comedian has been lauded by Dave Chappelle as an “amazing” must-see!


With rave reviews and sold-out shows, you’ll want to get in quick before you miss your chance.


Get your tickets here for the Travis Jay Live performance on Friday 12th of November from 7PM-11PM.