Gurls Talk

Gurls Talk ‘is a community-led, non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the mental health/wellbeing of young adolescent girls & young women.’


Gurls Talk have a podcast, where episodes are released on a regular basis. The podcast’s host is Adwoah Aboah – a Ghanaian & English fashion model/activist, who herself had battled mental illness and drug addiction. Adwoa reached a point where she tried to take her own life back in 2015, but luckily she survived and recovered in hospital. Her story touched a lot of people, and she has now become extremely passionate about encouraging others to express their feelings without feeling any kind of embarrassment or shame.


In this podcast Adwoa deeply discusses all things mental health with her versatile choice of guests, and often after each episode, you’re left feeling a sense of joy because of how genuine and real these conversations are!


So, if you’re big on mindfulness and mental wellbeing then I can assure you, you’re going to want to check out The Gurls Podcast here.



3 Shots of Tequila 


Three Shots of Tequila is a laid-back and light-hearted podcast where you’ll hear every type of topic being discussed! ‘It gives you an insight into London living, Black London culture and everything that comes with it. No topic is off limits for Marvin Abbey, Mr Exposed and Tazer Black.’


If you’re feeling like you need a dose of realness for the day, then get onto your Spotify and tune into Three Shots of Tequila. These three men aren’t afraid to delve deep into matters on sex and relationships, religion and current affairs. This podcast, which is exclusively aired on Spotify, has over 200 episodes and each and every one is highly entertaining!


If you’re convinced that this is the type of podcast for you, then make sure to click here, and listen on Spotify.




The Receipts Podcast



Here is another one that definitely gives you unfiltered realness! The Receipts Podcast ‘is a fun and honest podcast fronted by Audrey Indome, Tolani Shoneye and Milena Sanchez. The weekly episodes provide unadulterated girl talk with no filter on anything from relationships and situationships to race and religion and everyday life experiences.’


This podcast is a Spotify original, with new episodes aired every Wednesday exclusively on Spotify.

These three girls have amazing chemistry and immediately when you tune in, you feel as if you’re in a conversation with your pals! It’s truly engaging and funny, and whilst scrolling through their list of episodes, I can assure you, they’ll be some eyebrow-raising titles, that will force you to tap that play button.


Released back in 2016, this podcast swiftly became a top favourite for podcast listeners, and it’s been making a lot of progress since then. This award nominated podcast is a great example of what hard-work and creativity can result to – it’s great to see such an entertaining business blossom!


If you feel like you’d like to experience these fun chats with Audrey, Tolani, Milena & their cool guests, then click here and enjoy!


Pints of Malt 



Pints of Malt Podcast is brought to you by four Nigerian/Irish lads. They share their experiences growing up and living in Ireland. The podcast is full of laughs from the get-go: from childhood memories to day-to-day shenanigans, there’s never a dull moment on the podcast with Femi, Kenny, Charlie and Jibbz.’


The Pints of Malt podcast is an extremely light-hearted, chilled one, handing you lots of laughter and vibrancy. And we all love an Irish accent, don’t we? It’s very easy and insightful listening to these four men speak about their perspectives on life in Ireland, as black men. It’s a podcast that as well as this, discusses Nigerian identity/politics, relationships, music and current affairs.


This podcast began in 2019, and now has 117 episodes for you to listen to! Unfortunately, this podcast recently released their final episode & in this episode they reflect on their journey doing the podcast & say their goodbyes to all their supporters. Still, this podcast has a lot of content for you to enjoy, so if you’re interested in listening to these guys discussing engaging themes, then click here!


Black British Parent 



‘Black British Parent evolved from recognising and understanding the need for non-judgmental and relatable safe spaces for Black British families.’

The creators of this podcast believe that ‘healing comes before comfort,’ and in their work, they focus on inner healing and personal development in the hopes of families becoming more empowered and strengthened. This network supports all different types of families, be it the nuclear family, single-parent/blended families, adopted/foster families etc. In these episodes, you’ll see topics varying from mindfulness during pregnancy & birth, property investment, healing, racial intimacy, and sobriety. Their podcast includes nine episodes, and you can find these episodes on Spotify.


If you are interested in trying to add some positivity & growth to your personal/family life, then I would suggest giving this podcast a listen here!

The Wrap Party Podcast



Hosted by comedian Kojo Anim and his boys Natty Ranx, Nathan 5Star and Sanchez Brown— this podcast touches on love, life, relationships, current affairs & much more! You can find these episodes over at Kojo’s YouTube channel, here.


Ghanaian comedian and Britain’s Got Talent finalist, Kojo Anim, is a popular name in the scene and has this podcast, which will have you gripped on the wide array of funny and relatable subject matters! So if you’re on the hunt for a podcast with energy and pure entertainment, then this one will be for you!




Touchline Fracas 



‘Touchline Media Group is unique in media as it’s a predominantly black-owned media platform managing to deliver intellect, candour and comedy’, and this group have a podcast titled Touchline Fracas.


The Touchline Fracas Podcast ‘is a weekly Football podcast that gives you enthralling debates from all corners of the footballing world. Whatever the subject you are guaranteed different opinions…’ This one is for all the football fans! In particular, if you’re someone who’s interested in hearing differing thoughts & opinions on each team’s affairs, then you’ll definitely need to tune in to this one!


Each podcast has different people from the Touchline team speaking, so there’s a nice variety of content, which adds to its engaging quality. Also, this podcast has over 500 episodes so far, and the team are very consistent with their uploads! Touchline Fracas was also stated ‘best football podcast’ by Forbes! So, you know it’s the real deal.


If you want quality football related content, make sure to click either here for their Spotify or here for their Apple Podcast.

Black Gals Livin'


Black Girls Livin’ is hosted by ‘two girls from London and Essex chatting about mental health, pop culture and random shenanigans.’


Hosted by Vic and Jas, these two girls bring you a podcast that will keep you in high spirits. This is another podcast that makes you feel as if you’re chatting to your friends. The subjects they touch on is highly relatable and is for sure, a breath of fresh air! Tune into Black Girls Livin’ and you’ll be met with a large variety of topics to listen to. You can choose to hear the girls talking about popular TV shows, music, and celebrity gossip. Or you can go for something more introspective & listen to some chats about insecurities, body image, depression etc. This podcast has it all and there are nearly 200 episodes for you to have a browse through!


With many positive reviews on Vic and Jas’ chats, it’s not a surprise that Black Girls Livin’ won best podcast 2019 at the first Brown Sugar Awards! If you’re convinced that this podcast sounds like something you’d like, then click here.


The Mandem Podcast 



‘Les, Rich, Dan & Mike P talk real life and culture. We speak on everything happening in the world from sports, entertainment to music and politics plus a whole lot more!’


The Mandem Podcast is another relatable pick for those who are familiar with Black London culture! Everything about this podcast is chilled and laid back, but also very insightful. It gives you a selection of subjects, but from a UK male perspective, so ladies, despite it being titled ‘mandem podcast,’ this one is still for you all!


Listen to The Mandem Podcast and you’ll be met with non-stop banter, heated discussions, and lots more! So, if you want to experience this, why not check it out here?


The Afrobeats Podcast 



'The Afrobeats Podcast takes a look at his take on Afrobeats & pop culture headlines.’ It includes guest/celebrity interviews, brand new music, movie, fashion reviews, social media, viral content, and lots more entertainment.


UK broadcaster and host of this podcast, Olajide Adesope, talks to various Afrobeat/urban artists and discusses all things Afro music and culture! If you’re an Afrobeats fan, then this a podcast you’ll need to listen to! Adescope’s energetic personality will constantly have you gripped and entertained, whilst he interviews his guests and talks about all the hottest gossip that’s happening in the scene.


So click here and enjoy this this wonderful content!

Dem Man Dere Podcast 



‘DMD Podcast is a weekly podcast that brings real conversations, debates, and discussions on current trending topics. We cater to a very dynamic audience so there’s always something you can relate to.’


‘No more Monday blues!’ says one person on DMD Podcast’s Apple Podcasts reviews. This podcast includes real guys talking about real subjects! Full of energy, quality content and charismatic hosts, this podcast will have you looking forward to your Mondays.


Listen to the Dem Man Dere boys and you’ll be either cracking up in laughter or deep in thought. This is another one that gives you lots of new insights to Black London culture or stories that you are extremely familiar already familiar with.


If you’d like to hear what these guys have to talk about, then get onto their Spotify and listen here!


Meet Us After 7



‘Lifestyle, events, love, culture, music, dilemmas, banter and much more. Tune in every Sunday to hear Yusuff and Gina share their unique life experiences, discuss and debate current events and hot topics.’


Hosted by Yusuff and Gina, who share great chemistry, this podcast gives you a good variety of subjects to listen to and is the perfect podcast to play on a Sunday evening! Relevant to all types of people in Urban London culture, this podcast will have you laughing and hooked, making listening to this podcast your Sunday ritual!


Giving you laid-back, relaxed vibes - why not tune in and give Meet Us After 7 a try? Click here to listen.



By Tia Hoggar