Why Use Shoobs as Your Urban Events Hub?


Founded over a decade ago to celebrate urban culture in the UK, Shoobs continues to be an integral part of the Black culture with the UK and beyond. From Afrobeats to Trap, we offer events across the wide spectrum of Black music. So, we wanted to take the opportunity to look at the history of Black music in the UK and events you can check out to explore the sounds and the influences of the music of the past, today.


The Windrush Generation (1950s & 1960s):

The Windrush generation came to the UK between the 50’s & 60’s, bringing us an array of new musical sounds that ultimately kick started Urban music here. To name a few, these genres included Reggae, Jamaican Dub, Soca, Ska, Calypso, and Latin.



Check out events from organisers like Jazz Café, Reggae Brunch, Music & Events Managment and 

Cross the Tracks Festival. 



The First UK-Made Urban Sounds (1970s):



Then, after these sounds settled into UK culture for several years, the first ever UK-made Urban sound was born, and this was UK Dub –  an Electronic genre, characterised by heavy bass, captivating drum sounds and echoing soundscapes, with DJs MCing over these. This genre pushed the musical journey the UK was yet to endure. 


The Influence of Caribbean Sounds (1980s):

Because of the familiarity of the Caribbean sound, circa 1980, when Dancehall became really popular in Jamaica, it also took the UK by storm.



The Introduction of Grime (1990s):

This soon led to UK artists incorporating Dancehall into their own music, creating completely new sounds. These new sounds included UK Hip -Hop, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, UK Garage, UK Funky House & Grime. 



Grime particularly made a huge impact on Urban music, as its production could be low-budget but this didn’t matter as the quality of the beat & story-telling was what drew listeners in. Grime represented a community of Londoners that were usually under-represented. It gave those who lived tough lives a creative outlet and those who didn’t know much about this culture, insights into their world.



The Rise of Afrobeats (2000s):

Then of course Afrobeats made its way to the UK, recognised by its traditional sounding drum beats that you’d hear across West Africa, catchy melodies, and upbeat rhythm. Afrobeats, despite being heavily influenced by Afromusic inspired by Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, also has elements of Hip-Hop, R&B, EDM and Dancehall too!


The Ravers & The Mosh Pits (2000s):

Urban music is loved by many for its rich variety of sounds. Hip-Hop, R&B, Dancehall and Afrobeats have been music staples in our clubs for years, due to their dance-inducing, catchy beats, as well as Funky House, UKG and Grime.  Sounds like Jungle, Drum n Bass and Dubstep, attracting the ravers who love a party (and perhaps a good ol’ moshpit.) 


Check out events from organisers like Slammin Events, and Weird Science.


The South African Sounds of Amapiano (2010s): 

And now I’m sure you all know that Amapiano has catapulted right into our clubs. South Africa’s House subgenre, Amapiano gives you a cocktail of deep House, Jazz with slick synths and sharp basslines and of course its trademark high-pitched piano melodies. It has not only taken the UK by storm, but worldwide, everyone is loving this fresh genre! We have a blog all about Amapiano, so if you’re keen to learn more about it, have a read here!


Shoobs Knows What’s Now & What’s Next:

We all know that Music has the power to bring people together, creating communities of like-minded people. So here at Shoobs we just want to make it easy for you guys to find these events where this can happen. 


When you visit Shoobs, you’ll be met with a vast selection of experiences – be it club nights, comedy shows, live music, meet-ups and so much more. Whatever you fancy doing, hearing, or seeing you’ll find it here and you’ll find it first!


We’ve had events on our platform from the world’s biggest stars (often BEFORE they were the world’s biggest stars!



And it doesn’t just stop at you booking & attending events. Shoobs is passionate about Urban culture as a whole, and we want all you guys who are too, to feel a sense of this community with us! On our socials, we not only showcase all the hottest events happening soon but share other fun content and hot topics with you so you can stay on top of what’s going on in the scene. So make sure to follow us on these platforms, and interact with us because we love talking to you!


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And that’s not it… we also gave our top customers the chance to look back on the year & all the amazing experiences from 2022. We introduced an exclusive ‘Shoobs Wrap Up’, where you’ll get insights into how you spent your 2022 with your top genre, event organiser, venue and much more! 


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By Tia Hoggar