Black Panther In Concert Review


Gorgeous and distinctive, an evening at the Royal Albert Hall is no casual outing. Is it any wonder then, that I was able to experience one of the most immersive cinematic experiences in recent memory?


Black Panther in Concert is the latest addition to the Royal Albert Hall’s Films in Concert series, an imaginative endeavour to combine film and live orchestra into one sensational event. A global must-see, Marvel’s Black Panther (2018) is currently the 15th grossing film of all time at over $1.3 billion, and is highly praised for its storyline and cultural significance.


Boasting an unbeatable score originally created by Ludwig Göransson, the sounds of triumphant horns and ceremonial beats are faithfully reimagined by the Chineke! Orchestra conducted by Anthony Parnther, and complemented by talking drum soloist Massamba Diop. The result is one of gorgeous technicolour melody.



Settled in my plush seat in the stalls, the big screen above the stage displayed this thrilling film in high definition, while the live orchestra played below. The charismatic conductor Anthony Parnther started us off with an engaging introduction, including impressions of titular characters like Mufasa from The Lion King, plus the revelation that the score was expertly perfected by the Chineke! Orchestra in just a few days! Now, that’s talent. Then came Massamba Diop clothed in buttery-yellow to quite literally drum up excitement for the night to come, hammering out a masterful tattoo that reached every corner of the room.


Then the introduction was over, Black Panther began, and our ears were blessed with a swell of orchestral music.


Whether you are a long-time fan of the franchise, or entering as a newcomer, this rendition was magic. Flowing smoothly in the background for calm moments, only to burst up in a vibrant blaze of melody, the Chineke! Orchestra pulled out all the stops to elevate the plot through sheer sound alone. The enthusiasm and skill of Anthony Parnther was clear to see through his movements, growing more bombastic as the plot thickened and tensed. Above it all rose the sound of Massamba Diop’s masterful drumming skills. Not content to simply sit and play, he spoke and paced the stage like a lion, ramping up excitement with his dramatic movements.



For the first time in my memory, no one stood to leave as the credits rolled. Instead, we opted to enjoy the orchestral soundtrack playing over the darkened screen. When the music drew to a close and the musicians and conductor alike lowered their arms, we gave them a standing ovation.


My verdict? The visuals were stunning, the vibes electric, and the music was out of this world. I have never had a moviegoing experience quite like this, and you should get to feel it too.



Black Panther in Concert may be over, but this was only one in the list of Royal Albert Hall’s Films in Concert series. The must-see follow up is Jurassic Park in Concert on Thursday 26th October, and this is your chance to secure your spot to a classical immersive cinema experience! With the Philharmonic Concert Orchestra performing John Williams’ vibrant score, and conducted by the iconic Anthony Gabriele, you’re sure to experience cinema and stage like never before. Book here now to get in early!


By Isabella Hassan