Are you ready for ‘London’s Craziest Brunch?’


‘Put on your lei, blow your whistle and follow the leader all of the way to the most unique brunch…'



We all love Brunches, especially during summer months when the weather is hot and we fancy going out during the day! 


And you’ll be happy to know that Reggae Brunch has a whole array of incredible brunch events lined up for you, taking place not only in London but Birmingham, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Leeds & Sheffield too! So, if you reside in any of these cities, it’s time to check out Reggae Brunch’s upcoming events and get your weekend motives started!



There's a massive variety of brunches lined up for you... whatever you're feeling, be it a rooftop/terrace vibe, a weekender, if you feel one day of brunching isn't enough for you (which let's admit, is the case for many of us) a brunch on board, paint party, Carnival themed party and so much more - Reggae Brunch has it all! And there's amazing birthday packages avaliable too.



When you arrive at Reggae brunch, the fun will begin instantly! You’ll have 60 mins to get as much rum punch down you before the bottomless drinks end, so you'll have to make sure you're on time! Whilst this takes place, Djs will be giving you back to back Reggae, Soca, Bashment, Afro, Ska & more. You’ll be given a 3 -course serving of delicious Caribbean grub, which will for sure, give you all the energy you’ll need before the partying begins!



Expect their host to give you all the banter and enjoyment you’d ever want, as you enjoy an unforgettable day out! Hit here to see for yourselves, what Reggae Brunch has to offer!


By Tia Hoggar