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The Ascent of Amapiano and the Impact on UK Clubbing & Concert Culture


We’re delighted to have worked in partnership with SoundCloud’s AI music tech company, Musiio, and music/social data platform, Chartmetric, on a three-part series exploring the vibrant & ever-growing genre, Amapiano.


For Shoobs’ part in this series, we explore the evolution of Amapiano events and the impact it has had on UK club & concert culture, from 2017 to now. 


We touch on the first major UK Amapiano tours, when the sounds of Amapiano began to reach our screens, capturing listeners during COVID-19, and we give rich insights of how event promoters, DJs and artists pushed this fresh and eclectic sound to UK event-goers, creating a community of passionate listeners here – a scene that has since spread like wildfire.


So, have a read of our blog that finalises this fun expedition of Amapiano & be in the know of this genre and what it has done and is yet to offer the music world!