Comedy Allstars Carnival Special



Get ready for laughter as you’ve never seen it! For one night only, experience the full range of diverse stand-up comedy at the Comedy Allstars Carnival Special, only at Sink Pong London.


Kick off bank holiday Monday on August 30th 6PM – 10:30PM by meeting some of the UK’s top comedians Quincy, Axel Blake, Junior Booker, Deano, Babatunde, and Shabba. Book your chance to see these stars close up for an authentic and fresh comedy night in Sink Pong’s trendy venue, and feel their irresistible charisma and humour for yourself.


Don’t forget to take a cool insta snap with them – Sink Pong boasts neon lighting and awesome wall decals to take your pics to the next level.


This is the ultimate space to let loose and have fun, with a full range of drinking games organised and available. This includes Sink Pong’s namesake beer pong, with rewards and dedicated tables for the activity. This is the craziest comedy show of all time, and you’d better not miss it!



This is the night where you can personally meet stand-up comedians like Axel Blake at the Comedy Allstars Carnival Special.


Settle down with a beer and watch close-up – Blake’s relatable takes and slick dance moves will have you rolling on the ground as he spits truth in an increasingly slapstick way. This UK leading entertainer will pull you in with his witty anecdotes and colourful views on everyday relationships. This young talent doesn’t just do stand-up – check out his hilarious video sketches on his Insta and YouTube, or his comedy special I’m Not Gonna Lie.



Don’t miss out on seeing Shabba up close and personal under the spotlight of Sink Pong’s comedy lounge. His explosive delivery and dry sense of humour will have you abandoning your drink to get nearer, and his hilariously relatable stories and takes will make your night. Eccentricity is his middle name, and his powerful delivery lends him a unique flavour. Shabba’s confident style will have you wishing for more even as the spotlight follows him offstage – good thing you can follow him offstage too! Aren’t you glad you booked?



Here to brighten up the already neon-lit walls of Sink Pong is Babatunde. This is your chance to experience his fresh vibes up close and personal at the Comedy Allstars Carnival Special. This powerhouse performer is here to bring fresh vibes with his hysterical yet authentic recountings of his life. Displaying uncanny comedic timing and exuding charisma from every pore, Babatunde is fond of pulling audience members into his performances. So get in early and push to the front – maybe you’ll be lucky enough to star in his stand up routine this night!


These comedians and more will be performing live at the Comedy Allstars Carnival Special, at Sink Pong London, Monday 30th August 7PM ‘till 10:30PM. With a line-up like this, you’ll have to hurry to secure tickets before the rush beats you to it – book here.