Rihanna ‘The Hits’ Immersive Party


Calling out all lovers of Rihanna! On Sunday 22nd May from 6pm – 12am, throw yourself into Rihanna’s ‘The Hits’ Immersive Experience (which is LITERALLY going to be an immersive experience) and party all night long to a bunch of Rihanna’s tracks! This isn’t going to just be a listening party… it’s going to be considering all your 5 senses, making it highly unique & engaging. So, if you’re a fan of quirky, fun experiences, then you don’t want to miss this – it’s going to truly be unforgettable!



At this playback session, you’ll be experiencing a night not only listening to her top tracks, from 54 strategically placed speakers + subwoofers, but here ALL your five senses will be activated! At the vibrant Aures, in London this venue will be vividly lit with stunning visual projections and a bespoke light show. You’ll smell pleasing bespoke aromas, you’ll feel spine tingling vibration backpacks & seat pads and you’ll taste uniquely made cocktails, shisha & food! This, all creating a very special experience.




As soon as it hits 6pm they’ll be a DJ Set, giving you all the best vibes until 7:30 pm. Then… the immersive Playback session will begin, playing tracks from Rihanna’s Get Rich or Die Tryin album until 8:30pm. After this, the DJ set will again, be playing you more bangers & will have the rest of your evening sorted!


So, do not miss out! Get your tickets booked and get ready for Rihanna ‘The Hits’ Immersive Party, at Aures, London!


Written by Tia Hoggar