Anime District: Round 2


The Anime District has returned for round two, bigger and better than ever at the Notting Hill Arts Club!


Set on Sunday the 28th of May from 6:30PM to 2AM, you can immerse yourself in the world of anime to your heart’s content. This is a two-part event – unmissable on both accounts!



Grab your friends and enjoy the offerings of the convention space – only until 8:30PM!


Expect a multitude of stalls groaning under the weight of prints, pins, posters, and other artwork! Wander the columns and marvel at an array of goodies – we all know merch is on the mind of every convention-goer.


Browse for accessories, makeup, anime street clothes, or just a trinket to commemorate your visit – the Anime District: Round 2 has got you covered!



This event is for anime-lovers old and new – and what better way to show your appreciation than through cosplay?


Whether you’re looking to pay casual homage to Death Note’s Misa Amane in a gothic mini, or go full paint-and-PVC as Fullmetal Alchemist’s Alphonse Elric, there’s a place for you!


Don’t miss out on official event photo ops, or the much-anticipated cosplay competitions. Snap a pic (or 100), and pose in your character’s signature move – this is your time to shine!


Check out the food section if you’re feeling peckish – with Eat Tokyo providing the grub, you can expect a meal of the authentic Japanese variety! We’re anticipating katsu, sushi, and delicious crunchy tempura.



Are you 18+ and ready to party? The night isn’t over yet!


Check out the anime opening night from 9PM to 2AM! Party it up to all your fave anime songs and remixes from Naruto, Bleach, Attack On Titan, Mob Psycho 100, and Black Clover – the list just keeps going.


Plus, of course, giveaways, drinks, and live DJ performances to make the night that much more special!


Anime District: Round 2 is an irresistible lure for true fans of anime – don’t miss out!


Grab your tickets here!


By Isabella Hassan