A Celebration of Urban Events in 2022


 2022 was an amazing year, and we were thrilled to see people back in the clubs, in the venues and in the streets! To celebrate bringing people back together, we’re sending a recap of the year that wouldn’t have been possible without our great event organisers!


We’re pumped about having more & more organisers choosing to join the Shoobs fam to work with us! Our organisers rocked it last year so we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate them and share what our year looked like including some of the trends we saw in 2022.


Shoobs in 2022:





In 2022, Shoobs continued to be the home for Black music & culture.



It was a breakout year for the South African sounds of Amapiano. Thanks to events like Pioneer Plays Festival, Scorpion Kings and AMA Fest, Amapiano was our fastest growing genre of the year!


Hip Hop continued to dominate nights out overall but Soul was the #1 genre for the over 50 crowd. From build ups to bass drops, Electronic music surged in 2022 jumping from our 24th most popular genre to twelfth.


Chart: Highest grossing genre by ticket sales per year





Though the average price to get into the door at a club has stayed relatively stable over the years (about £13 per ticket), the price for live music has increased rapidly hitting a peak of £33 per ticket in 2022.


2023 is shaping up to be another record year with tickets for live music already averaging £46 per ticket.


Comedy has had fluctuations peaking in 2021 at £27 per ticket but remaining at that average price in 2022 and prices are looking to decline in 2023.






We also love to hear about our organisers’ & customers’ experience using Shoobs, so we’ve given all our top organisers & customers the opportunity to complete a survey where they share what they love and what they’d like to see us improve on. We’ll use the feedback to make organising events and buying tickets as smooth & stress-free as possible on Shoobs.


And that’s not it… we also gave our organisers & customers the opportunity to look back and reflect on a year of success & celebration.. So we’ve provided  an exclusive “Shoobs Wrap Up” with insights on the number of events hosted and attended, number of tickets sold & bought, venues and genres they loved and much more.

If you were lucky enough to get one, thanks for being such an important part of the Shoobs community and don’t forget to share!


Here’s Shoobs’s 2022 Wrap Up:






Shoobs is passionate about Urban culture and we welcome everyone who feels the same to be part of our community! We want all you guys who are too, to feel a sense of this community with us! On our Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok, we not only showcase all of our organisers hot events but we also share other fun content, hot topics, and industry trends  with you so you can stay on top of what’s going on in the scene. So make sure to follow us on these platforms, and interact with us because we love talking to you.


So, we just want to thank everyone that made 2022 a great year and here’s to having an even better one for 2023! And if you’re reading this, organise events and aren’t yet registered on our site, then what are you waiting for? Come and join us! 



Written by Tia Hoggar